How to control the size of the shearing cloth shredder

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With the development of the society, more and more waste release in the air, and some diseases are in happen, so in order not to inhale the waste and to prevent the transmission of the disease in the first place to provide medical surgical masks, avoid crossing infection and infectious diseases department and triage point of physicians to adopt standard safety precautions, need to wear surgical masks.

Disposable medical surgical masks and surgical protective masks are both available2003It was not until after SARS that medical products under the national standard management became a new affair and a new measure in hospital infection control. Talked about mask in the past, people will think of gauze masks, dust mask, during the period of SARS in hospitals has produced many cross infection, we began to suspect that the role of the gauze mask, until finally the state food and drug administration through the experiment proved that gauze masks do not have protective function, disposable surgical masks and people began to concernMedical protective maskThe application of.

In addition to white, common disposable surgical masks often have light blue or light green colors. The material of masks does not need to have high particle filtration efficiency. Although nose clips are used to help the masks fit on the bridge of the nose, the masks do not have close contact with the face and the breathing is relatively smooth.

Chinese standard pairDisposable surgical masksThe requirement is that a mask with a flat structure has an effective blocking effect on the bacteria expelled from the wearer during the process of breathing and speaking. How to verify that the filtration efficiency of surgical masks is greater than95%?

One test is to measure the filtration efficiency of surgical masks based on the number of bacteria collected and discharged from the masks. In this way, the environmental pollution caused by the bacteria discharged from the surgical masks can be greatly reduced. The protective performance of medical surgical masks is slightly lower than that of medical N95 masks, which still cannot meet the requirements for similar ebola protection.

The main application of medical surgical masks is in the operating room. In order to prevent the contamination of the surgical wound surface by the bacteria discharged by doctors during the operation, such as breathing and speaking, a surgical mask should be worn to protect the patients. The ministry of health requires disposable surgical masks to be issued to patients with suspected respiratory illnesses in order to prevent them from infecting others in the hospital and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

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